Paint Corretion Course

Paint correction is the process of removing imperfections in a vehicle’s painted finish. Then restoring it back to life in a like new condition. These imperfections include but are not limited too, swirl marks, spider webbing, fine scratches, water spots, oxidation fallout, hologram marks & so much more. Paint correction is a must prior to prepping to apply any ceramic coating. So we thoroughly teach the techniques and demonstrate with hands on training to insure your flawless finishes. This paint correction training course will teach you the required techniques to become a professional detailer offering full Paint correction. Also great for professionals wanting to elevate their skills and efficiency and is a must take course.

Course includes:


  • How to properly decontaminate a vehicle (prep)
  • Explanation of different paint correction equipment, chemicals & pads,
  • Waxing VS true Paint Correction
  • Understand how to adjust and work with soft, medium, and hard paint finishes
  • Rotary Polishers VS Dual Action Polishers/ Long Throw Polishing
  • Proper paint prep training and taping/masking methods
  • Hands-on Paint Correction training with various machines
  • Maximize your prep, paint correction processes, and abilities
  • How to properly market & set expectations for clients 
  • An Excellent preparation class for Ceramic Coating course
  • Class limited to 4-6 students
  • Lunch Included