Ceramic Coating Course

Ceramic Coating Certification is a course hosted by International AERO Detail Product. Aero & Walts team up to bring a intense educational course on Ceramic Coatings. The classroom is where we begin our dive into the knowledge of what a ceramics. How we apply ceramic coatings and all the do's & do not's of coating installation. Also in the class room we review all that Aero Products offers, from interior, glass, rim, leather, fabric coatings & so much more. Then we transfer from classroom to detail studio and the real work begins. All 100% hands on training on a light paint correction and the full installation of  Aero Shield Diamond 10H. Post completion of the coating installation you will be awarded a certificate of achievement in ceramic coating, and will be able to post clients coating on Carfax. Yes, once certified you will be able to record the coatings you use Shield Diamond or Shield Black Diamond on. This is a great class for the detailer & paint correction specialist to elevate their profession a certification backed by Aero and Carfax.





Become an AERO Shield Diamond certified installer.
Certification cost per individual $500.00.
Your fee includes:
*How to turn your detailing business into a certified coating center
*How to become the "go to" detailer for high-end customers
*How to upsell against other brands
*Learn how to properly quote paint corrections and coatings
*Learn how to select the correct compound and pad for the job
*Learn advanced paint correction techniques with AERO Revolution Products
*How to decontaminate surfaces and final prep for coatings
*Learn how to install AERO Shield Diamond, AERO Shield Flight and other AERO Detail Products to take your business to the next level
*Learn how to input the vehicles you coat into CarFax and why it is an advantage


Also included: 

*1- AERO Shield Diamond 10h ceramic coating 30 mL, AERO Shield Diamond brochures, AERO decals, and AERO swag

*Shop Owners receive 1x AERO Shield Diamond Certified Installer 2'x6' AERO Shield Diamond Installer cloth banner

*Mobile Operators will receive 2-15" tall AERO decals for their support vehicles

*1x AERO Shield Diamond Certified Installer Certificate

***We reserve the right to withhold certification if more training is necessary where applicable.