Auto Fanatic's Detail Studio

Crazy about your car, treat it like it's your first born? Then your classified as a true Auto Fanatic. Bring your car to our professional Auto Fanatics facilities for the best desired results in automotive beauty care. (Limited space per day sign up now)

Veneno interior package

  • Full interior evaluation: locating dirt spots or stains rips, tears & cracks etc.
  • Doorjambs: removal of all filth or shoe scuffs
  • Deep carpet extraction of filth, grime & all stains or spots
  • Light headliner shampoo removing all hair grease, gel, and dirty hand marks & filth.
  • Dashboard & panels: Deep cleanse with a moisturizing crack prevention conditioner
  • Seat & center consoles: Removal of all filth, grime and body oils & proper reconditioned (according to seat material, i.e. leathers, fabric, suede, etc)

Pagoni Zonda Package

  • Iron, Tar & HD contaminants removal wash: A HD shampoo wash designed to pull off all contaminants without rubbing any clay tools on the surface .
  • Full paint inspection and overview: completely inspecting all surfaces, from the deepest scratch to the heaviest area of oxidation or spider webbing.
  • Paint imperfection correction: scratches, spider webbing, imperfections, and oxidation removal.
  • Plastic restorations: Hard bumper and trim renewal
  • Wheel & Rim detailing and protection: Deep cleanse of wheel and rims. Condition
  • Engine compartment detail: HD Cleaning, hose and plastic reconditioning
  • .
  • Headlight restoration: Removing of several layers of sunburned oxidation from the lenses. refurbishing polish and seal extending the life headlights

Exelero Ultimate package

The Pagoni Zonda & The Veneno Interior package combined but we take it a step further by complete giving your car a full spa treatment. Every nook & cranny if treated like a day at the spa where we pamper it completely.

New Car & Seasonal Prep

Long Lasting Paint Protection

Wholesalers / Dealers Complete Recon Pack

Full Service (high volume amount of cars)

Car Club Care Package

You invite your entire car club out for a night/day of food, music & friends at our facility. We teach a course geared to the maintenance of the specific style of cars in your club. We allow your club to customize the training and this will allow a more one on one time with our technicians so your members can ask any questions they have about the care of their cars.

At our detail studio we pride ourselves in going above and beyond the norm. Unlike the conventional car wash or car care shop we take our passion and love for detailing to a level of superiority. With over 50 years of professional detailing expertise, experience and training. We are the gold standard and strive to be the best.

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