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Eco Wheels is a environmentally friendly fast and aggressive wheel and rim cleaner. Designed to safely and effectively penetrate and fight those contaminated dull rims. Cleaning rims with hardened brake dust, dirt, and filth all over them without using any harsh hydrofluoric acid based cleaners. Eco Wheels is safe to use on all painted, chrome, polished, OEM and aftermarket rims.

Developed without hazardous caustics, acids and solvents.  Formulated with these new progressive cleaners, biodegradable surfactants, and eco detergents. Eco Wheels powerful cleaners quickly weaken detach and diminish contaminates corroded & baked onto the surface of rims. left behind is a beautiful shinning rim. Designed to be used by the weekend  warrior or the professional automotive beauty care tech it can be diluted for any job needed on rims. Brings out a brillant shine on chrome alloy & aluminum wheels. Eco Wheels is just one of the important Eco Friendly products.                         

With a very easy to use product just simple dilute the product 1:1 for all general cleaning. Spray Eco Wheels after onto the surface and begin to lightly agitate all the contaminated  areas if necessary. Then wipe the rims clean. repeat if necessary.         












































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