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Eco Clean is an all natural carpet, upholstery, vinyl and leather cleaner. It’s 100% safe for the environment, safe on your vehicle, even so safe it can be on your skin. Eco Clean isn't like some safe cleaners that don't clean. Eco Clean will clean deep getting rid of all grease grime and filth. It cuts through foods, and coffee stains. Natural and plant derived cleaners and surfactants clean like harsh strong cleaners, but Eco Clean leaves you and our plant safer.

A all natural surfactant, & citrus based cleaner is blended with the cleaner to cut threw, embody dirt, and lift spot right out of your carpet or upholstery. Organic solvents replace harsh, harmful, and hazardous chemicals that are toxic to our environments and stops toxic run off to our lakes and oceans.

Eco Cleans natural cleaners do not dry out harden up nor discolor any interiors. Eco Clean can simply be sprayed and wiped clean. The interior cleaner doesn't need to be rinsed out and will not dry and alter the feel of any surface. Like all of our cleaners they react better when diluted with water to desired strength. Mix to desired strength first. Spray Eco Clean on area to be treated do not soak but lightly mist across surface. Allow Eco Clean to work. Using a towel lightly blot the surface dry. Occasions with heavy dirt build up lightly mist over surface and use scrub brush to loosen dirt and vacuum area clean.







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