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Eco Shield is your complete eco friendly interior conditioner. Great for all interiors like vinyl, leather, and hard plastics. Unlike most interior dressing Eco Shield is great for all surface leaving you with only needing one product instead of many. This interior conditioner will bring back it original beautiful and luster in a satin finish. 

Developed with exotic oils, silica, and emulsifiers for soft leathers and vinyl's. Eco Shield is the perfect product to follow behind Eco Clean in your interior. Poly-coat enhancers revitalize, preserves & protects vinyl's, plastics and leathers back to a like new finish. Eco Shield is great for everything in the interior wood finished door panels center consoles, even some outside trims.

Eco Shield is formulated with special moisturizers and UV blockers. These moisturizers prevent leather from drying and the UV blocks keep dashes and plastics from cracking. Premium poly-coats boost and protect many interior surfaces. Formulated to clean and condition and almost instantly dry to touch.

Eco Shield can very easily be applied to any surface. For lightly dirty surfaces just spray on and wipe until clean and conditioned. Eco Shield will lightly clean any light dusty area without prior cleaning. For the everyday car that might have oils and grease rubbed into surfaces from French fries or dirty hands or other things. Eco Clean and clean the surface before applying Eco Shield so when applied the conditioner can fully work and do its job.

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