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Eco Spa Wash is a environmentally safe auto wash. Specially developed to do 3 things in one easy step. Clean, polish, and protect your paint from every day elements. First developed with high end silica's and unique cleaners. This encapsulates the dirt, grease and grime effectively exfoliating or lifting the dirt from the paint surface. Special wetting agents help glide the dirt over the surface preventing the dirt from scratching the paint. Instead it is all collected in the fibers of your towel.

All new natural carnauba protection is uniquely blended into our formula. A high yielding natural Brazilian carnauba is formulated to ensure a deeper darker depth of color when washing your car. Eco Spa Wash will leave your car shining with a high gloss. The Brazilian carnauba is just one of the many things that separate Eco Spa Wash from normal waterless washes. Now you can wash and wax your car in one easy step.

Protective coatings make our Eco Spa Wash stand above the rest. Developed with a polymer coating for longer lasting protection. A high gloss polymer coat is suspended in the lubricant and is applied in the end when buffing to a shine. These special polymer sealers produce a layer of anti static barrier. The anti static barrier keep dust blowing over your car longer, instead of landing on your surface. 

Eco Spa Wash allows you to produce a clean deep gloss shine to your car over and over again in one easy step. Eco Spa Wash gives you all the shine and protection as Walt's polish normal waxes and polishes. This make keeping up with your car maintenance easy. Take all the mess and the many different tools you use to wash your car and wax it and use Walt's Polish Eco Spa Wash.










































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