Auto Beauty Care Academy

Walt's Polish has always believed in the full training of all facets of auto detailing and auto reconditioning. The Auto Beauty Care Academy (ABC Academy)is composed of a combination of years of aptitude and skillfulness originated in the late 70's by the founders of Walt's Polish. Our revitalized and refined educational training course covers the most innovative techniques for paint reconditioning and automotive detailing for all people: from the line worker wanting to venture into his/her own detailing enterprise, the car wash technician wanting to expand his/her proficiency in each component of automotive beauty care or the Auto Fanatic that seeks to fulfill his/her desire in the preservation of his/her personal prize auto collection.

ABC Academy does not solely focus on the detailing methods, but sheds light on the business viewpoint of the industry. Training begins in the classroom where we assist in the development of a genuine understanding of car care. Lectures encompass how to inspect and evaluate the condition of a car, how to improve upon marketing your business in this rapidly growing industry and hands on exercises led by a top industry technician. With the guidance of the ABC Academy, trainees will leave as efficiently trained professionals.

ABC Academy holds the following selection of tiered courses:


  • Weekend Warrior Class
  • Auto Detailing Course
  • Car Care Tool Technology Course
  • Magnum Opus Course


A variety of tiers are offered by the ABC Academy, as we know trainees enter with a mixture of background knowledge and skills levels. Whether you are just an Auto Fanatic wanting to learn the best ways to keep your car in its unsurpassed manifestation, looking to advance your aptitude in the auto detailing vocation or venturing into a private enterprise, ABC Academy is the perfect choice! Each course is geared to target specific areas to both build a core foundation as well as enhance your craft. Class sizes range from 3 to 6 people to ensure you get a more one-on-one training experience with our course technicians. An ABC Academy representative is also available to assist in customizing a person specific course, if there is a particular topic that you may not see available.



Designed for the car care fanatics that want to learn how to properly clean and maintain your car's brilliance. Classes are usually weekend based and extend from interior cleaning & conditioning, surface claying and waxing, headlight restoration, etc. This course is usually covered in 1 day with limited opportunities for individual one-on-one time with ABC Academy technicians. Recommended for novice trainees.


A course devised to give you a deeper understanding to detailing and the important keys to mobile and/or fixed location detailing. In addition to skills taught in the weekend warrior class, this course will instruct on laws pertaining to the automotive beauty care industry, licensing for mobile detailing and an introduction to polishing and buffing. Recommended for trainees seeking a career in detailing.

Car Care Tool Technology

CCTT is an advanced course highlighting the necessary tools and machinery for complete car care. Trainees will gain knowledge in proper usage of machinery, in multiple buffers, polishers, orbital's, and interior cleaning tools. Training in a variety of pads and chemicals to help you learn and develop a better technique more suitable to your detailing career. Tools ranging from DeWalt, Porter Cable, Flex, Makita, Tornado cleaning tools, and the list goes on. Recommended for the trainee's wanting to expand and perfect their skills in handling of necessary tools in car care.

Magnum Opus course:

Magnum Opus is the ultimate course. Starting with the education of proper Car Care the Magnum Opus course leaves nothing out. Training will include details on starting, marketing and growing your business. Trainees will be enlightened on all chemicals, pads, tools and steps to properly detail and recondition cars for every level of service such as dealerships, wholesalers, body shops, end user customer, etc. This course will leave you geared to succeed in the car care industry. Recommended for the entrepreneurial minded person ready to start his/her own business.

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