Super Final Shine 1gal

Super Final Shine 1gal

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Super Final Shine 1gal

Supreme Final Shine is the tire dressing for the ultimate Auto Fanatic. Developed in a thin spray form Supreme Final shine is a true high gloss tire dressing. It’s a water base dressing so it is 100% biodegradable. Supreme Final Shine is the professional’s choice made for a long lasting durable shine & protectant. It gives you the highest gloss that last for weeks threw harsh wet and wind conditions. Supreme final shine will enrich & restore any tire or exterior rubber back to a deeper darker blackened tire. Rich UV absorbers and polymers protect and preserve the rubber helping the life time on tires by preventing cracks and dry rot.

 Supreme final shine can be applied each time you wash the car. To effectively apply this tire dressing clean the rubber surface by washing off the tire with soapy water using a brush or separate wash mitt. For extremely tire tires spray a degreaser or rubber cleaner and agitate with a brush then rinse. Dry with a separate towel or give time to dry before applying supreme final shine. For bigger tires or areas spray directly on to surface and wipe in with applicator. Applying to smaller surfaces like low profile tires on racing rims spray dressing on to applicator first then wipe on. With Supreme shine the more you apply the deeper the gloss.

 Formulated for a long lasting durable shine supreme final shine will outlast and out shine the rest. A true high gloss tire and rubber dressing it will leave a high gloss shine with only one application. Supreme Final Shine is the tire dressing for the true enthusiast looking for the best shine. For the everyday driver that wants to have nice looking tires for more than just a few days Supreme Final Shine is the dressing for you.  

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