Hand Glaze 1 Gal

Hand Glaze 1 Gal

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Hand Glaze 1 Gal

Hand glaze is a top of the line cleaner glaze and protectant. Hand glaze is a great enriched gloss enhancer. Walt's Hand Glaze gets rid of so many little surface scratches and spider webbing. It is easy to apply and a low dust formula great for all colors especially dark cars. This Hand Glaze is mad with a formula specially made to get rid of light imperfections by hand giving you the ability to bring the finish of any car to a beautiful showroom luster. 

Its recommended for use by hand to increase surface gloss and to clean up spatter after polishing with machine. Great for all types of refinished or factory applied automotive paints. To minimize the possibility of staining, do not apply in direct sunlight or onto a hot surface.

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