Foam Pad Polish 32oz

Foam Pad Polish 32oz

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Foam Pad Polish 32oz

Why it's Great

Foam Pad Polish a leading edge, synthetic clear coat polishes for the car care fanatics everywhere. Developed as a polishing compound to remove defects & imperfections in today modern ceramic clear coats. This great formula offers the DIY (do-it-yourself) auto fanatics many advantages of detailing their own car. Foam Pad Polish remove minor defects like surface scratches and spider webbing and at the same time restores gloss back to today's super-hard, scratch resistant clear coats.

How it works best 

 Formulated for hand, dual-action polisher or rotary polisher application. However, machine polishing is required for maximum removal of paint defects in hard clear coats. Application by machine is always best for it will remove 3000 grit sanding marks, spots, buffing swirls and scratches without damaging the finish. Great thing about Foam Pad Polish You can use any of the foam Hex-Tech Pads with the polish. Use a more aggressive pad meant for cutting to clean off more scratches and imperfections.  Use a finer finishing  pad when looking to just add depth and gloss to the paint. Use it by hand to hide a lot of swirls and light surface scratching. Buffing it in by hand still adds plenty of depth to the paint.

Application by hand

 For best application by hand, make sure to apply Foam Pad Polish Using our RFA51S applicator foam pad made out of our premium euro buffing pad material. Start with just a small amount of polish on the pad, and work in a areas no bigger than 2 - 3ft sq. Buff  the polish into surface using short, firm, strokes until polish starts to haze up. Then buff off the residue by hand using a clean Microfiber Cloth.

Application by machine polishing: 

To achieve best results, work on sections of only 2 - 4 sq ft like half a hood, a fender, or a door section alone. Always best to work out of direct sunlight. Be sure to use a great Auto Fanatics Hex-Tech Pad whether removing swirls and paint defects, or just looking to add more depth to your paint. New pads should always be prepped first. Apply the product directly to the pad and rub it into the pad before applying to the desired surface. Apply a bead line of Foam Pad Polish to the surface of the car and begin to polish the surface at your desired  speed. Remember to place the polisher on the paint surface prior to turning it on. Polish the product all the way in by working all over the surface overlapping horizontally and vertically. As the polish begins to clear up & hazel lightly buff off excess with a clean microfiber towel.

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