Miracle Cutter 32oz

Miracle Cutter 32oz

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Miracle Cutter 32oz

Miracle Cutter is a compound that defies the definition of compounds. 

Auto Fanatics Miracle cutter is an aggressive but very light, smooth, and clean compound. Developed with a superior micro abrasive technology compound made to precisely clean, remove, and vanish all sanding marks from 1000-3000 grit. This new transcending micro abrasive grade compound is made to magically vanish heavy paint imperfections, contaminants & imperfections with precise precision leaving behind a paint clarity only demand buy a true Auto Fanatic. It contains absolutely no silicones, waxes or fillers. Miracle cutter quickly and effectively removes all wet sanding marks from 1000-3000. A one of a kind pioneering compound made to handle any professional job. Body shop safe, body shop approved, body shop preferred. 

With Miracle Cutter preparation is a very important part of allowing miracle cutter to work quickly and effectively giving you the best possible results. Always wash or rinse surface before use and allow paint surface to cool. If the vehicle has a lot of fallout or oxidation its always best to clay the car first to remove most of the heavy fallout.  Apply with a wool or foam cutting pad. Do not apply in direct sun light. You want to try and not mix other compounding pads with the one you will be using Miracle Cutter with. You want to prime the pad with the Miracle Cutter compound to reduce sling and to allow the entire surface of the pad to be able to work for you. Now the pad is primed place a little more of the product on the pad or the area your clean. Using a Rotary Buffer compound between 1000-2200rpm just depending on the job at hand.

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