Heavy Duty Degreaser Yellow 1 Gal

Heavy Duty Degreaser Yellow 1 Gal

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Heavy Duty Degreaser Yellow 1 Gal

Heavy Duty Degreaser Yellow a step above normal degreasers this strong grease fighter is perfect for engine bays or other dirty rusty places. Designed to easily remove heavy road filth and old brake dust build up on rims, paint surfaces, even driveways. HDDY has stronger surfactants & solvent detergent to outperform regular greaser cleaners.  Developed to quickly & effectively penetrate absorb and remove all dirt, grime, oil, and grease.   

This product is non-flammable and biodegradable. Heavy Duty Degreaser yellow is highly concentrated. Dilute 45:1 or to desired needs. Heavy Duty Degreaser works better when you add more water. Water helps to create the reaction of the chemicals in this strong penetrating degreaser. Heavy Duty Degreaser Yellow is also VOC compliant with the California state law. Walt’s Red Degreaser is not an interior cleaner but an exterior engine undercarriage rim and other heavy filth cleaner.

Walt’s Polish make a lot of heavy duty cleaners that are very strong but safe and Walt’s Red Degreaser is biodegradable. It being biodegradable give you the option of cleaning various surfaces and areas safely. Many customers use to clean bathrooms, kitchens, garages, warehouses, and so much more. So know that when choosing Walt’s red Degreaser your options can be endless for cleaning.

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