Finish Creme 32oz

Finish Creme 32oz

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Finish Creme 32oz

Finish crème is a great polish ideal for base coat and clear coat paint finishes. Finish crème is made to add life or revive the paints luster. It works wonders on non-clear coated cars. Finish crème is formulated to pull out a deep wet looking shine on non-clear coated vehicles and leave a good protected cover on the paint surface. Finish Crème is a pure polish and has been known to work wonder when mixed with a compound. Mixing Finish Crème with a compound like HD cutter will allow for a smoother cleaner cut in compounding. Also cutting down on the clean up before polishing when mixed with a compound. Finish crème has natural oils that provide a deep shine and natural protection. 

When applying Finish Crème be sure to do it in a cool area. Depending on when your applying Finish Crème you may need to wash down surface or just rinse off the cars surface. Apply Finish Crème with a hand applicator fully covering surface and rubbing as much in as possible. Allow product to lightly haze and quickly wipe off with a microfiber towel. when applying Finish Crème with a rotary machine or dual action machine polish it all the way in to paint as much as possible then wipe the little excess away. Machine or hand use works great. 

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