Final Detailer

Final Detailer

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Final Detailer

Auto Fanatics Final Detailer is a great quick spray wax design for easy application, rich enhanced shine, and lasting protection. Just spray on Final Detailer and wipe. It delivers a high shine and greatly enhancing the durability, protection, and shine of any prior waxes or sealants. Auto Fanatics Final Detailer is formulated with extremely slick acrylic wetting agents that allow it to work wonders with a clay bay and leave a lasting protection. A Clay Bar and Final Detailer together will allow any normal weekend warrior to produce a professionally smooth and high shine on the car in minutes. Auto Fanatics Final Detailer is great for those last minute moments when you just want to achieve a better shine before going out. Final Detailer works great on all surfaces such as all automotive paints, chrome, glass, metal, and certain plastics. Final Detailer is designed with special waxes & sealants to help reduce dust and remove smudges, finger prints and streaks. This quick detail spray can be diluted 50/50 and still leave a showroom shine. Final Detailer will leave an enriched shine in no time.

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