Deep Diamond Sealer 1 Gal

Deep Diamond Sealer 1 Gal

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Deep Diamond Sealer 1 Gal

Deep Diamond is a high yielding deep high gloss sealant wax.   Deep Diamond is blended with the right amounts of polymers and carnauba wax. Deep Diamond quickly removes light oxidation and minor surface scratches. Its result is a brilliant polished surface, color depth and lasting protection. Diamond wax is developed with a top of the line Brazilian carnauba and the best high yielding polymer sealant. This wonderful combination of polymer and carnauba creates a deep dark enhanced finished with a long lasting durable protecting. Deep diamond works wonders and all paint surfaces. Its designed for quick and easy use ok to use in open sunny area. To apply shake well before use and apply by hand or machine. Allow Deep Diamond to dry to a light haze the wipe excess off.

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