All Purpose Interior Cleaner 1 Gal

All Purpose Interior Cleaner 1 Gal

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All Purpose Interior Cleaner 1 Gal

All-purpose interior cleaner or better known as APIC is safe to use on all types of interior surfaces like carpets, vinyl, and fabric. Designed for the professional APIC is heavily concentrated. APIC cleans heavy dirt grit and grime form your interior. Special wetting agents, emulsifiers and cleaners formulated to make a foamy cleaner that helps lift the dirt and grime out of the carpet of fabric. This product out performs most caustic style cleaners, solvent all-purpose cleaners, and other water soluble degreasers

Formulated for the hard working professional detailer or the big time auto fanatic APIC is heavily concentrated. Unlike some concentrated cleaners APIC actually reacts and works better with the more water you mix with it up to 1-15 before it weekends and 1-30 parts water at its softest form. Preparing to use APIC properly vacuum or blow out the interior make a bucket of interior shampoo and a premix spray bottle of APIC lightly mist the area you wish to clean. Use a damp brush or cleaning cloth and agitate the area. Wipe up or vacuum any excess.  

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